The architect is always the first to enter and the last to leave.
Before the building takes shape. Before the building comes to life. From conception to construction, at pmc there is a continuous quest for rigor and control of all stages of the creative process.

Depending on the future use of each building, the scale and the context in which it is inserted, and the vision of each client, each project springs from a sensitive analysis of the variables that define it. Ideas become sustainable objects.
Our working method is thus very personalized and adapted to every new project, guided by our aim to present and implement unique proposals, which, based on the specific needs of each client, might transcend them.

During this process, we value teamwork and work closely with experts in many fields, with whom we have an intense collaboration and who decisively contribute to the coherent materialization of the project and to its full functionality.
Attention to detail, which is ultimately revealed in the work’s degree of sophistication, and our commitment to accompany each step of the construction phase, are essential to warrant the intended constructive quality. These projects are designed to last, where integration in the surrounding is always paramount, the relationship with the client, fundamental, and attention to detail a true commitment.

Founded in 1993 by the architects Carlos Sousa Coelho and Miguel Passos de Almeida, PMC acts in different fields of architecture, with a special emphasis on renovation, new projects and offices.

It all started with a project for public housing in Almada.
As recent graduates by FAUTL, the young architects presented their idea for the complex, winning an international competition. This was pmc’s inaugural project.

Between 2000 and 2011, architect Leonor Duarte Ferreira joined the founders and developed some of the most iconic and unique projects by the office, such as Casa no Penedo or Casa na Aroeira. In 2015, it was Gorka Goitia’s turn to join the group, after 8 years of close collaboration.

A pioneer in the architectural renovation segment, the office continues to contribute, through its accumulated experience, to the development of an area of such importance to the architectural and economic renewal of the urban landscape. More recently, the practice has been involved in other fields, such as hospital architecture, by developing strategic partnerships, in public competitions, with other architectural offices, such as MM concept and Openbook.

With several projects featured on architecture books and magazines, the Spazio compound, in Estoril (1º prize Imobiliário magazine 2006, Housing categoria), the Logowines winery in Évora, the regional headquarters of EDP in Penafiel and the complex L’Orangerie in Vilamoura, are among the most celebrated works by PMC.

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